The best free web hosting companies that provide you with a free domain in 2023

If you are a beginner in the world of the Internet or a professional and want to create a free website without paying any costs, in this post you will find all the information you need in order to create the website with an explanation of how to obtain free web hosting + free domain.

In order to create a website, you must have a hosting account with a web hosting company, buy a domain, and then host a website on hosting with the domain linked to the server so that the visitor can view and browse your site. For more on this matter, you can see the hosting and domain website , which specializes in explaining the idea in a different way.

In this article, I will save you time and present to you the 5 best free web hosting companies that provide you with a hosting account + a free domain with the ability to install WordPress

The best free hosting companies

Here are the best free web hosting companies , and for information, all companies provide the same service, so you do not need to arrange.

  • 000 webhost company

One of the free hosting companies that managed to gain great interest from customers because of the many advantages it provides, the most important of which is the one-week backup, which is also one of the free services provided by the company in addition to the Cpanel service and many other features.Company link here

  • Corporation

This company provides you with the best types of free hosting without any advertisements, whether texts or images, as it takes into account that the customer obtains a comprehensive free website and you will be able to obtain a free domain.Company link here

  • Hosting X10Hosting

It is among the excellent hosting companies that provide customers with free WordPress hosting for everyone. The company provides hosting with a Cpanel control panel in addition to providing an always open space. The company also provides advanced technology to all users.Company link here

  • Web Free Hosting Company

It is among the free hosting companies that provide hosting service without advertisements and it also guarantees you a lot of other offers, including the possibility of upgrading the account, but there are still defects in that company, including the inability to install commercial sites for free and you must transfer on paid lines to get that feature.Company link here

  • awardspace company

It is among the best free hosting companies, and it guarantees all users access to free hosting by up to 100%, and through that company, customers can create a WordPress site within a very short period of time, and despite that, it includes some disadvantages, including lack of space Storage It is difficult to obtain an open space for life.Company link here

The difference between free hosting and paid hosting

Many customers search for the information that interests them when planning to purchase new hosting for their website or blog, and it is possible to benefit from the following comparison when choosing your hosting type.

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  • In the event that you choose paid hosting, you will be able to obtain a large amount of storage space compared to the space that you get when choosing free hosting.
  • The visits available through free hosting are few compared to the visits of paid hosting.
  • Also, the Cpanel hosting control panel for free hosting will be very limited compared to paid hosting.
  • Free hosting will not allow you to install many scripts and will force you to use a ready-made template unlike paid hosting.
  • Also, security and protection are factors that you will not find in free hosting compared to paid hosting, and a person’s account is always closed in the case of free hosting.

Therefore, each person must first determine his own needs in the hosting companies so that he can choose the quality that suits him.

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